"I have used Richter and Associates to manage the rental of my house for over five years. I am extremely pleased with the choice. I have read in business books about the concept of passive income. Meaning, income that comes in without a lot of effort. Owning a rental can be that way, or it can also be a major frustrating effort. Certainly not a passive one! By using Richter, and in particular my agent Candace Harrison, my rental has definitely been the former and not the latter. They handle everything from finding renters to overflowing toilets, and everything in between. It has really been a burden lifted from my life. I have to live quite a ways from my rental property due to an accident that has compromised my health. To have to deal with some type of emergency or problem in the middle of the night would be extremely inconvenient for me and my family who take care of me. Unfortunately, they do happen. As with any house or building, things break down. Not only does my agent field the call, but they have all of their own resources to quickly get the problem taken care of. Candace always informs me of what is going on, and usually already has a quote from one of her specialists that will take care of the problem. I for one, have enough other things in my life to worry about. Thankfully, my rental is not one of them. - Kirk Pedersen

"I have worked with Joe regarding my properties for quite some time. I feel very comfortable with him and always get the sense that he is working for my best interests.""
- Rick Bennett

"Richter and Associates has been managing my Northville property rental since 2015 and I have been extremely happy with the timeliness and responsiveness of the property manager and team. Their fees are on par with the industry standard and their local real estate knowledge has come in handy with small and more complex issues. I would highly recommend their services."
- Safwan

"I first met Fred Richter at the local community college where he taught real estateinvestment courses and I was a student over 30 years ago. I have since invested in multiple investment properties including two businesses. Richter & Associates managed my rental properties for over 20 years and Fred prepared my income tax returns. To this day Richter & Associates continue to represent me as my Resident Agent as I have investments in other States. If you have met Fred, you know he is a very professional, humble individual with a high degree of knowledge and wisdom in his field. Denise Walsh and Joe Lawrence and their team continue to deliver the best professional services in their field. If you need a property manager, looking for a home to rent or buy, selling a home or need consulting regarding investments, Richter & Associates is your one stop shop for top notch professional services. Thank you Fred for all you do and thank you Denise, Joe and the team for setting the benchmark in real estate services."
- Ron Kaly

"You have done an excellent job of managing my properties and the “ups and downs” of the business without a blemish on the record in a decade.

I always recommend Richter when I get a chance!  Thanks for the great service for more than 10 years!"

- Andy

"I would just like to say how pleased I am with the services provided by Richter & Associates. I've used them for several years now, managing multiple properties, and never had anything less than an excellent experience. I had tried other property management services prior to finding Richter and unfortunately did not have positive experiences. Now that I have found Richter I will not go with anyone else! In fact, a few years ago I referred a friend of mine to Richter and he is similarly very pleased and now has multiple properties under Richter. Finally, I cannot say enough good things about Candice and the support she provides -high quality tenants and prompt resolution of any issues."
- David Brown

"Richter represented the owner of the condo we rented in Brighton. Very professional and thorough. Enjoyed the relationship very much."
- Gregg K.