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Maintenance for My Southeastern Michigan Rental Property – What’s the Right Way to Handle Repairs?

Richter & Associates - Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Your rental property in Southeastern Michigan is going to need maintenance at some point, regardless of its age or condition. The best way to handle repairs is with a consistent process as well as a list of excellent vendors that you can trust. Today, we’re talking about our process for maintenance requests as a professional Southeastern Michigan property management company.

Reporting the Problem

Your tenants need to know how to report a problem or request a repair. When a maintenance issue arises at Richter & Associates, tenants will typically call us to report the problem or go online to our portal system and use the maintenance request tool, so they can send us an email.

Repair Process

Once we receive the maintenance request, we contact the property owner and let the owner know what is happening at the rental property and why a repair is needed. Then, we will dispatch the appropriate vendor to take a look at the issue. We work with an extensive vendor list, and all of the repair people and contractors we hire are licensed and insured. This is an important requirement because not working with licensed and insured vendors can put you and your property at risk. Once the vendor goes out to the home, they will make the repair if it’s an easy fix and under a certain amount of money. If it’s a more complicated or expensive repair, we’ll ask for a quote. Then, we send that quote to the owner and they will approve having the issue resolved. We’ll send the vendor back out to the property and have the repair made.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergencies can happen, and they usually happen outside of normal business hours. We have a 24-hour emergency hotline so tenants can reach us with any incidents of wind damage, roof damage, flooding, or other unexpected problem that cannot wait to be resolved. Someone is always available to take that call and get someone on the task immediately. If you have any questions about our process or property management in Southeastern Michigan, please contact us at Richter & Associates.